MC Destruction - Blow of Death EP

Now, hold on. Before you start, I know what you're going to say: '"But $bin♦, MC Destruction isn't from Long Island. He's from the Bronx. Why, it says it right there on the Dope Folks website." And you're right, but there's more, see. Check out the label of the origial release, a split with Corey Pee called The Black Wax Posse, and you'll see that the record was put out by one Black Wax Records, whose address was 1 Janell Lane, Farmingville, NY. Google that with the name of the producer.

So, yes, while MC Destruction might have been from the Bronx, the record was produced by none other than Marc Niles of Farmingville and Centereach, better known for his work with R.A. the Rugged Man, who helped Dope Folks bring this record back into the light. Moreover, the songs were recorded in 1989 by Brian Unger at Paris Recording Studio, which was in Ronkonkoma, and the label that originally released these songs back in 1990 was apparently based out of Niles' spot in Farmingville. Dope Folks made the wise curatory decision to leave the Corey Pee side of the split on the cutting room floor, but some of that survives on YouTube as well, which is nice, because, to give you an idea of how rare the original release is, Discogs lists only two sales ever: one for $700 and one for €700.

At any rate, props to R.A., Encarnita (whoever that is) and Dope Folks for putting this together. Copies of the limited reissue are still available, here.

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