Andy Koufax - I'm From A Little Place (LIRR01) Streaming Now on Bandcamp, Limited-Edition Cassettes Available in the LIRR Store

A guy gets off one train just to get on another. A summer is lost like sunken treasure. The phone is left at home, dropping the opportunity of one lifetime just to get on another. Under the right conditions, growth can be achieved literally overnight, said a plant. The pig didn’t sit well, said a lion, mane dripping sick. Three drunks at the Rockville Centre stop argue over whether Townes Van Zandt was a bluesman. Three kids emerge from Twin Lake Preserve smelling like cigarettes and cologne. A cover band singer hears all of his dreams die violently in somebody else’s mythology. A seven-year-old finds God on the Jones Beach boardwalk … with a Walkman on … playing “Waterfalls.” A 30-something puts out a cassette tape and lives forever.

I’m From A Little Place is the debut album by rapper/producer/singer/songwriter Andy Koufax and first release on Long Island Rap Records. Andy wrote, performed and recorded every note and lyric of this autobiographical psychogeography. The titular place — Wantagh, NY, a hamlet best known as the “Gateway to Jones Beach” and briefly the home of best-selling author Amy Fisher — is indeed little. However, the ideas on this album are anything but.

As for those notes, they’re visceral, sprawling, fever pitched. Andy describes I’m From A Little Place as “all my strife, love, pain, joy, and madness exploded out a maze of croons, raps, guitars, samples, synths, drums and magical flout.” To mix and master the project, he recruited maestro Willie Green, whose techno-wizardry helps keep this labyrinth’s multigenre minotaur from devouring all those brave enough to enter. Multigenre who now? Let’s say alternative hip-hop with a touch of grunge and the occasional neo-soul wail, but also, inextricably, Long Island Rap.

Andy Koufax’s I’m From A Little Place is available now for just $14 on limited-edition blue and orange cassette tape with download code, hand-numbered liner notes and autographed baseball card. Downloads are also available ($14 on Bandcamp, $10 direct) and come with complete lyrics sheet. Order now in the LIRR store.

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