What Happened to the Legion of D.U.M.E. Members Who Weren't in Darc Mind...

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of interviewing Darc Mind, the duo of MC Kevroc and DJ/producer GM Web D aka X-Ray Da Mindbenda. One of the many topics we touched on was Legion of D.U.M.E., the crew that Darc Mind was part of before branching out on their own. Legion of D.U.M.E. released its sole single, Son's of Sam b/w Darc Mind Inc. indpendently in '94. Seventeen years later, Dope Folks Records issued the '94 Dume EP, including the two tracks from that single and four other songs the group had recorded in their day. Now, we know what Kevroc and GM Web D were up to before and after Legion of D.U.M.E., but what about the other members of this crew?

In our interview, Web identified the two rappers appearing with Kevroc on "Son's of Sam" as Schott Free and MC Prime. He also named B-Wyze as a founding member.

Staten Islander Schott Free is best known to most hip-hop heads as the former A&R for LoudRecords, who helped bring legendary groups such as Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep and The U.N. to the label; he also co-executive produced The Infamous and Marcberg among other projects. As a rapper, Schott Free hasn't released much. However, it turns out he did put together something of a solo project called The Tom Hagen Tragedy, which features Roc Marciano and Lagato Shine among others. Two songs from this project — "Sake, Me & Rocky" with Roc Marc and "X-Clusive" with Sadat X — are included in the playlist below. Schott Free has also continued to help bring other artists up via his Frozen Files collective.

By comparison, much less is known about MC Prime. Surprisingly, Web identified him as an early KMD member who was signed to the Idlers label. It's hard to figure which, if any, Idlers release(s) he was a part of, though the label's first single, 1986's "Merlin," was by a group/artist named Legion, so ... maybe that's it? Anyway, years after Legion of D.U.M.E. dissolved, Prime resurfaced under the alias, Third Rail Phantom, as one-third of a group called Hocuz Pocuz along with MC Lando Lakes and DJ/producer Chris Loot. Hocuz Pocuz released at least two singles: 1999's "Rip the Mic" and 2003's "Summer in the City," the latter of which was executive produced by DJ Kay Slay. There's also what appears to be a full-length album called 123 on the Hocuz Pocuz YouTube channel, albeit without an ordered tracklist; three of those trafcks, all of which feature Prime predominently, are in the playlist below.

Lastly, we come to B-Wyze  who Web says might have come up with the name and idea for the group. Despite not being on the Legion of D.U.M.E. single, B-Wyze was arguably involved in more high-profile projects than anyone else in the crew other than Schott Free. As a Public Enemy affiliate, B-Wyze was a member of 5ive-O aka the Homicide Squad as well as Professor's Griff's Last Asiatic Disciples and featured prominently on those groups' respective albums, If U R Not Part Uv Da Solution... and Pawns in the Game. He also rapped alongside Chuck D himself on "Endonesia," from the Public Enemy frontman's 1996 solo debut, Autobiography of Mistachuck, co-wrote the song, "Wandering Eyes," by Nuttin' Nyce off the Sister Act 2 Soundtrack, and is likely related to singer Carolyn Harding, who appeared on a number of popular dance singles in the '80s and '90s. B-Wyze raps on four songs in the playlist below, including a strong standout from X-Ray Da Mindbenda's Monsta Mixes Vol. 2.



Fuck Trump and his bitch ass said...

Not really related to D.U.M.E.'s music, which was dope and unfortunately never really known about (outside of a handful of people anyway) until well over a decade after it was recorded/released but I found what I believe to be Prime's YouTube channel. He has a Legion Of D.U.M.E. playlist up and left a comment on a video of a Funky Jilz song or freestyle talking about how after all these years they need to make more music together. I won't post it because he has videos of his kids and shit up there but the channels he's subscribed to is some kind of weird ass brew of indie/obscure hip-hop channels and right wing bullshit. Broke my goddamned heart. I have no idea how people think they can be a legitimate advocate for hip-hop yet support the kind of people and ideas that are as anti-ethical to hip-hop as you can possibly get. I get that he's in the right "demographic" to gobble up that kind of shit, but it's still fucked up.

IHS-J said...

You seem to know more about the subject than me, and Im pretty good at making timelines for obscure acts, researching through old vinyl inlays and ofc discogs, MF Grimm, Beatnuts and Kurious pre-1993 careers are examples of fascinating puzzles, usually stiries intertwine.

But Legion of DUME is a bit of a mystery to me f sure. Darc Minds discography I know, just like most MIC members (including those gone or mayhaps deceased like Wayne-O, Yves) and I love both Monsta Mixes by X-Ray/Web.

Now my question: on Darc Mind Inc, in which order do Schott Free, Pryme Tyme (referred to as MC Prime here), Web, Funky Jillz and Red Eye appear and who are the two latter?

$bin♦ said...

Thanks for the praise. It sounds like you go about these things pretty much the same as I do. I'm no expert, I just try connect with the the artists themselves when appropriate.

That said, I do think I can figure this out for you, but it's going to take a little bit of time. I'll cover it in a separate post and include a link here when it's ready.

I can tell you for now though that Red Eye was a Staten Island crew consisting of Hype, Jun Jak the Invincible Principle and Oob the Freestyle Fanatic. That info comes direct from the Hip Hop Was? blog.

Prime Time said...

Hey I really love there article and wow this brought me back... I'm Prime Time from the Legion Of DUME... I have to admit, Kev Roc was one of the nicest Mc's I ever heard and Web was a super star behind the board.. And Schott was the glue that kept things moving... Especially when we were moving around with WuTang as protect Ya' Neck dropped... And rocking with the HitSquad at the Muse.. And of course shooting the video, running with YZ, Return of the Holy One"
Really glad to see they did so well and make a mark in music.... Kev, Schott-Free and Web will always be family to me... Its been quite a few years since Ive seen or spoke to any of them but I do hope to see them again some day.
By the looks of the first comment, I guess some people have a problem with other people having opinions different than theirs... That's OK though...
I'm a business man now however I still write and record songs for my own ears.. I have two sons that spit absolute fire... Taggs and Lil Taggs (Tagg Team Entertainment).. Check them out..
I also miss Jilz, Matty C, BWyze and Red Eye Krew(Oob, June and Hype) too.
Anyways, I def miss Kev, Schott and Web and would love to get back on a reunion track one day...
Keep up the great music and I hope to speak to them some day soon.

$bin♦ said...

Peace Prime. Did you do anything on the Idlers label?

Prime Time said...

Yes, I was signed to Idlers Warlock for a while with the Jungle Brothers

Prime Time said...

And if I may answer the individuals question earlier(IHS-J)... The order of appearance o DarcMind Inc... Is as follows..
1-Hype da' madman,
2-Oob Kat,
3-June Jak,
4-Funky Jilz,
6-Kev Rock,
7-Prime Time(Me)

$bin♦ said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for information about Red Eye Krew, I thought they were called Red Eye Klik or something like that. I was told about Red Eye, and some names that I have not heard anyone else talk about from Staten Island such as Praying Mantis, Born Rugged, GQ, Golden Child, ShowNProve, Shaolin Style and Fruka the Down Low Puffaholic aka Fru Bear the Honey Lover. They were affiliated with DSA, Carlton Fisk, GBG and people like Bullet Proof, Soldier and Now Born. To this day I have never seen any mention of these names Red Eye being a surprise because they were on my list of people and artists that I was looking for.

$bin♦ said...

Golden Child and Born Rugged are ringing a bell. I’d have to do some digging thru old hard drives but I thought GC was from Jersey maybe?

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