Anna Catalanotto & Fony Wallace - Mind Of Horror With A Pretty Girl Aura

"I can't, I can't vibe with none of you. I don't even want to." That used to be me talking to the tools at Home Depot when dad dragged me along as a kid. Now, I find myself making lists of things I need to get there. Move two-to-three-prong outlet adapters to the top of that list. "Truth Hurts Interlude" yields the blunted-edge lyric at the top of this post. As it happens, it also concisely summarizes the Rakim-Dre collaboration that never was. But I digress. Mind Of Horror With A Pretty Girl Aura has more than a lovely voice and a clever near-rhyme going for it. Catalanotto and Wallace's tragic siren call also has vinyl, CDs, shirts and stickers, oh my. Vibe with all that and then some.

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