MF DOOM Freestyle from WKCR 1997

DOOM at his kitchen in Long Beach, from http://www.egotripland.com/egotrip-interview-mf-doom-noah-callahan-bever/
"Long Beach isn't as wide as Brooklyn, as long as Manhattan, or as dense as the Bronx ... But there's the beach three blocks away and that's a fuckin' escape. That's the lovely shit." 
-MF DOOM in the aforementioned egotrip interview.

The audio clip below features MF DOOM in April of 1997 kicking a few verses from then to-be-released Operation: Doomsday before trading freestyles with Stretch & Bobbito show mainstay Lord Sear. DOOM sets it off at 5:20 and is accompanied by fellow Long Beacher Megalon on the adlibs. Props to Dirty Waters for the original show upload from which this clip was cut.

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