Keith Murray - The Rhyme 12" Promo

Recorded in Dix Hills, NY and promoted as "The 1st clue from the upcoming album Enigma," "The Rhyme" is note-worthy for several reasons: 1) Eight versions of this single were released; 2) It features a remix by The Ummah production team (Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and the late J Dilla); and 3) It's ill! The version included in this post, JDCD-42405-1, is the 12" U.S. Promo, which is differentiated by the fact that it contains a radio version of the Erick Sermon-produced original "The Rhyme" and not the album cut "Yeah." The fact that The Ummah remix is called "The Slum Village Remix" leads me to believe that Dilla was primarily behind this beat. It definitely has his sound.
Download the 12" here.


lost.tapes.claaa7@gmail.com said...

i'm still kicking myself over the fact that I didn't pick up this 12" when i saw this used in decent quality about a year ago in a local store. the reason was that i had all of the songs (minus the instros ofc) on Murray's "Enigma" CD already, but still would be real nice to have the 12" with the cover and Everything.

you are completely right about Dilla being behind the "The Rhyme" remix.. The Ummah often worked so that if Q-Tip, Ali or Jay Dee did a remix or production completely on their own they would still label it as a The Ummah production. this can often be seen in the Writing credits. this remix of "The Rhyme" is FAT though, it actually is featured as a bonus track on the CD edition of "Enigma" that i have..

good work with the blog, keep it up!

$bin♦ said...

If memory serves, I pulled this out of my girlfriend's girlfriend's mom's garage along with countless other gems.

Thanks for commenting!

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