The UN - "Time For Some Action" (Unreleased)

As promised by Mike Raw during his recent WNYU radio call, here is a previously unreleased UN track featuring all of the group's members except for Roc Marciano. Raw, Laku and Dino are all in top form, and the recording quality is top notch as well. Coming on the heels of the UN or U Out reissue, hopefully this July 19 drop is the first of many new-old UN tracks to come.


lost.tapes.claaa7@gmail.com said...

there's a really good interview with Dino Brave of The UN over @ Unkut.com .. he's talking a lot about "U N Or U Out", "World Domination" (which he says was basically a demo structured like an album that got leaked by someone at Green Street) and "Strength & Honor". just like you told me you had read in an interview he too said that "S & H" was like the pinnacle of The UN.

all this gave me an idea to make a sort of best of The UN compilation for my own enjoynment (as in not posting on a blog), featuring these bonus tracks as well as the illest stuff from "U N Or U Out", "World Domination" and "Strength...". could be pretty crazy, what do you Think?

$bin♦ said...

Yo, I don't know if you realize but this is NOT one of those bonus tracks. (Unless it's the same song w/ a different title; I haven't heard the reissue yet.) The bonus tracks listed are 15. For The Luv *Bonus Unreleased Song and 16. UN Da House *Bonus Unreleased Song. This is some other, other shit that Digi Crates dropped.

That sounds awesome. I'd love to help with that or co-premiere it or get involved on some level. Let's discuss on Phila.

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