Statik Selektah - "God Knows" ft. Posdnuos, Bun B & Jared Evan

One of the most interesting things about De La Soul — and perhaps most inspiring too, depending on your viewpoint — is that despite all their success and all of the praise that has been leveled at each member, none of them has ever really attempted to strike out on his own. That being said, who wouldn't love to hear a Posdnuos solo album? This feature is actually Pos's second collaboration with Statik Selektah, the first being "Game Break" off 2013's Extended Play album.

While that song was driven by a fairly straightforward piano loop, the appropriately titled "God Knows" is powered by God-knows-what, and the psychedelic daytime space opera vibe is perfectly suited for both Posdnuos and his fellow icon Bun B.

Look out for the unofficial Pos solo comp, De La De La Soul - (Un)Plug 1, coming soonish from Long Island Rap Blog.


lost.tapes.claaa7@gmail.com said...

this is ILL, i haven't had time to listen to Statik's new LP in full yet but Posdnous Always comes through.. it seems he doesn't have too much solo material or even guest features though, would love to hear more. i did a comp on him as well a while back, and it featured almost every song i could find of him not featuring Dave. don't know if you saw it:


$bin♦ said...

Damn it, I should've figured you'd already beaten me to it. Oh well ... I like the title I came up with so I'm going to keep digging for more OR use that for something else. Anyway, yeah, this song rules. I'm not a big Statik fan but what I've heard from the new album is very tight so I might have to give it a spin.

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