De La Soul's New Album Kickstarter

De La Soul recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation and release of their next studio album, and the Anonymous Nobody, which is set to feature collaborations with Damon Albarn, 2 Chainz, Little Dragon and David Byrne. They've already surpassed their funding goal of $110,000, but pledges are still piling up, as fans are eager to round up rewards like the vinyl LP ($45, shipping in September 2015); an autographed 7" single with autographed vinyl LP, exclusive De La Soul t-shirt, CD + exclusive bonus track, and advanced digital download ($250); a fully functional autographed MPC from Posdnuos' personal collection ($1,750); or best of all, Trugoy's 3 Feet High and Rising platinum plaque ($10,000). Seriously, even if you aren't willing to shell out at least $15 for an advanced digital download, it's worth it to visit this Kickstarter page if only to check out the amazing De La documents like the rhyme book page containing Pos' "Oodles of O's" verse (at left).

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