Triple Optix - Triple Optix EP

Triple Optix, for those who don't know, was a Suffolk County group comprised of three Cop Shop vets: Huntington Station's Diabolic, and Smithtown's Coal (aka Coal Cash) and Taboo (aka Tabs), who together go by the name Double Negative. When originally released in 2000, the Triple Optix EP consisted of five songs. This, however, is not the version with which most are familiar, because in 2004 an unofficial fan-created version emerged with a different tracklist including two songs that weren't on the first edition: "Epiphany" (by iCON the Mic King ft. Diabolic & Taboo) and "God's Gift" (by DJ Black Panther ft. Diabolic and Lou Cipher). Diabolic and Coal have made clear that this later version, although possibly more widespread, is not the official release, as "Godz Gifts" (as it's officially titled) was actually taken from Black Panther's 2003 album, Darkest Night Ever, and "Epiphany" comes from a 2001 compilation called Freshchest Prose Presents Jabs and Cuts Volume 1; furthermore, neither of these songs feature the full group line-up of Diabolic, Coal and Taboo. Nevertheless, you can stream both versions below, along with "Norman Bates," a recent cut featuring a Triple Optix reunion of sorts.

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