Meditation Chamber Recording Presents: Olympus Monz Full Anthology

Long Island's local hip-hop scene is in a very healthy place right now, with probably enough talented MCs, DJs and producers to create a little hamlet unto itself, but it hasn't always been like this. In the mid '00s, it seemed like there was really only one collective out here that was making a sound that was both unique and united. That is to say, each member of the group had his own sound, but the group itself had its own sound as well. That group was of course Conceptual Elements.

I'm not sure how many members there were at the height of the group, or how many of them remain active today, but much of he group's extensive discography has been posted to member Sargon's bandcamp page. The release above, for example, consists of 261 tracks featuring Bay Shore's Sargon and Copiague's Olympus Monz. Dig in.

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$bin♦ said...

M.I.C. was also "unique and united," but they were making more noise in the City, nationally and internationally, as far as I remember. C.E. was one of the only crews really holding LI down like that.

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