Elucid - "Heavy Rotation" ft. Jay Supreme

With Elucid's Backwoodz Studioz solo debut, Save Yourself, just five days away, now seems as good a time as any to unearth some music from the sessions that mark the true beginning of this young old veteran's recording career. If you've been following this site for a while, you might've already heard Elucid's early '00s hometown anthem "Strong Island Part One," which was produced by his uncle, DJ Stitches. What we didn't realize when we posted that song was that it came from the rapper's first EP, a four-song affair called The One In Man, recorded and produced entirely by DJ Stitches. Elucid told me about this release some time after the song was posted here, but it was actually an old post from Stitches' now-defunct blogspot that put me on the trail of the song you're hearing here today. Much linkage has disappeared from THE REAL DJ STITCHES PRESENTZ WAXWERKZ over the years, so the EP itself is no longer available (not there at least), but the site does still show the tracklist, which led me to the Amazing Tunes link above. (I don't know wtf Amazing Tunes is either, but apparently you can download this cut for £0.79 via Paypal from there.) Rewind then Save Yourself April 15.

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