Kaotik Ellement - "Morado" / "G.O.D."

Long Island has its answer to the Project Blowed movement, but it's not an open mic showcase at a health food spot; it's a 21-year-old from Freeport who goes by Kaotik Ellement.

Kaotik Ellement isn't the only MC on LI who has an impeccable taste in beats (his Soundcloud page features him rhyming over instrumentals by Nujabes, Botany, Prefuse 73, Madlib and DJ Krush among others), but he's the only one I've heard who blesses these beats with unforced ahayauasca references and a flow worthy of comparison to the West Coast's most eclectic collective.

The songs below are a few years old, but they go a long way toward demonstrating that Kaotik is much more than just a creative kid with a dope voice and a good ear. And they show what he can do when teamed with equally impressive local talent, like Hempstead-based producer/instrumentalist Lobos y Robos. Look for more from this MC (and hopefully this duo too) in this near future.

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Love all his music,he's the best!!!!

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