LongIslandRap.Comp Volume 2

"I think people’s point of view of what we were trying to do—it seemed as if they were pointing their hands at us like, these guys are basically here to represent something that we believe that they are, and they’re going to act the way we think they’re supposed to. It was like, no, that’s not who we are. It’s not what we’re doing, and it’s not what we feel."
-David Jude Jolicoeur

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Andy Koufax - "Luna Melt" from Chin Music; Kaotik Ellement - "Burmuse Ruby (Botany Mix)" from Soundcloud; Marlo DeMore & Ra - "Argyle" from Faded Black and Gold released on Dinner Land; Rodan - "Human Inquisition" from Theophany: The Book of Elevations released on Day By Day Entertainment; Eric B. & Rakim - "Casualties of War (Moor Militant Mix)" from Casualties of War Promo VLS released on MCA Records; High Council - "No Mercy" from No Stress/No Mercy VLS released on High Council Records; Resident Alien - "State of Emergency" from It Takes a Nation of Suckers to Let Us In; Tafari - "Gods. (For My Niggas)" from F R E E; Sense Wondah - "Daydream" from While You Were Sleeping released on All Business Records; Elucid - "Throwing Bones" from Backwoodz Studioz Soundcloud; Son of Bazerk - "J Dubs Theme" from Change the Style VLS released on SOUL Records; Busta Rhymes - "In The Streets" ft. MF DOOM from The Return of the Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation released on Conglomerate Records; Brainstorm Da G.R.Y.M. - "I Hate This Game" from Occupy True Culture released on Tekton Words and Works; Midnite Society (Sho da Flo Man, Dunny Cold Facts and Petey Max) - "Midniteizm" (Final Version Courtesy of Shozae); Argotec - "Inertia" from Language of the Heart; Hus Kingpin - "Leila" from House of Kingpin: The Revamp Edition; Truth Enola - "Take You To A Place" from 6 O'Clock Straight released on Solid Records; Don Cash - "Vaseline" from Working After Work.

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