JVC Force - Non-Album Cuts

For those who don't know — which, judging by recent submissions, is most of you — JVC Force is the group behind the original "Strong Island" anthem, a late '80s hit you might still catch on WBLS once in a blue moon and which, rightly so, was the first song ever posted on this site.

However, frankly speaking, even your trusted Long Island Rap Blogger isn't old enough to remember when these joints came out, so for the history lesson, I'll refer you to Old Rap Man Robbie's "Unkut Guide to J.V.C. Force" and to Chopped Herring Records, which actually provided official wax releases for a few of the chunes you'll hear today. (One of them is still available, so click that link and support the artists, ya heard?) On that note, respect due to The Meaning of Dope for originally uploading some of these tracks, including the freestyle below, and to The T.R.O.Y. Blog for putting this whole shebang together back in 2009. TBH, the "Strong Island" instrumental/dub version is worth the download time alone, but without further ado, here is the (un)official...

1. Late 80s Freestyle
2. Strong Island (Blue Mix)
3. Doin' Damage (Original Version)
4. Red Alert Promo #1 (1989)
5. We Got Our Own Thing
6. Nu Skool (Original Version)
7. Love Line
8. Force Field (Alternate Mix)
9. Red Alert Promo #2 (1992)
10. Stretch & Bobbito Promo (1993)
11. Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session
12. Big Trax
13. 6 Feet Back On The Map (Hardcore Mix-Up)
14. 6 Feet Back On The Map (Bedside Manor Mix)
15. Strong Island (Instrumental)

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