King Cesar - "Bloody Knuckles" ft. Kamackeris, Kong & Spiga (Video Premiere)

Another woRRRRrrrrld premiere-premiere-premiere off King Cesar's new album All the King's Men, out now on Mindbenda Recordings.

This one features a trio of the aforementioned king's men, including Kamackeris and fan-favored cousins Kong & Spiga, with the latter MC providing the hook. Longtime fans of the Monsta Island Czars know these three well for their contributions to the M.I.C. album Escape from Monsta Island and Cesar's Monster Mixes Vol. 1 & 2, as well as a string of impressive solo projects, including Kamackeris' Artz & Craftz and Kong's Shackles Off.

Here, Cesar plays the cut, allowing an eerie loop to speak on his behalf. The perfectly demented supplement for your Saturday morning cartoons.

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