Rakim Interviewed by Canibus for The Source

The February 1998 issue of The Source included a cover feature on Rakim titled "Lyrics of Fury: The Sequel," with photography by Chris Buck and an interview by none other than Germaine "Canibus" Williams. The respect was clearly mutual between the two, as in one highlight, Canibus says, "You know, like if another planet is battling Earth, if you say, 'Yo, niggas is battling another planet with alien MCs and this is for the pot of gold. They gonna wipe us out as a species if you can't bring it.' Your name is right there. They gonnna say Rakim." To which Ra replies, "Don't be surprised if they say Canibus." Read the full interview here, via Ghetto.ru, and stream Bus & Ra's 1999 single "I'll Buss 'Em U Punish 'Em" below.

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