Leoskux - Boxer

Spoiler alert: a little under two minutes into the "waydown" video below, Leoskux ollies a guard rail into a manual down a hill then narrowly turns 90 degrees out of the way of a coming pickup truck. The driver stops, gets out of his truck and yells, "What are you a fuckin' asshole? You coulda got fuckin' killed just now, you dick!" He then turns to the cameraman who's captured this entire event, including Leoskux's shocked reaction at having landed the trick and avoided the truck. "What the fuck are you doin'?"

I'm spoiling this incredible scene, not because I'm a "fuckin' asshole," but because I think it perfectly describes the sound and modus operandi of Wrong Islander rapper Leoskux, formerly of East Northport, now presumably sheltering in place in Brooklyn. That is to say it's effortlessly spectacular. Wildly creative and philosophical thoughts leap over boundaries and somehow stick the landing with slickly stoned delivery. Onlookers are outraged. That these moments have been captured by recording seems equally amazing. Like ... how!?

For example, on "Porno," the kid starts off his verse with "Life's just a simulation that I'm always getting faded in / Wonder if god has favorites / Bet he fucks with the atheists, maybe Mormons / Bet we only here 'cause he's tryna see some porno." In the cadence of a more traditionally minded MC, those bars might fall flat like corny, half-baked punches, but instead they serve as a perfect window into Leoskux's mindset, one from which he promptly leaps and again, against all odds, sticks the landing.

"Waydown" and "Porno" are both on Leoskux's last project, January 2019's Boxer, streaming below.

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