UptownBODEGA - "Silly" / "Andriene" & "One Thing"

In these volitle times, consistency itself is a commodity of increasing value. Supplies may be short, but two reliable sources come in the form of Smif-N-Wessun instrumentals and the always reliable weed man. Now, I know what you're thinking: you texted your weed man two days ago and still haven't heard back. Well, clearly your connect isn't as reliable as UptownBODEGA, whose sense of social responsibility is such that in "Silly" he dons a surgical mask while making a sale. UptownBODEGA first came to my attention last year with his Hennesis project, also notably consistent. Since then, he's been consistently active, dropping well shot videos, hocking well branded merch, and rocking shows all acorss NYC and LI, well, at least as long as venues were open. He was even ahead of the curve on the masks. Note the balaclava below.

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