Kai Fortyfive - If I Must I Will

I'm not a religious man, but listen attentively enough to SLUGSMOKE & MIRRORS, peer beyond the 'fog of war' spoken of in its presser, and you just may catch wind of something divine-like. Kai Fortyfive's latest masterpiece, If I Must I Will, lifts that fog like sunrise over a swamp. Here, the rapper/producer pushes his songwriting "into some exciting new territory, damn near spoken word/gospel," as I told him on first hearing the album. The result is timeless yet immediate, not only in how Kai addresses recent tragedies but also in the overall urgency of his themes and delivery. There should be more music like this, but there isn't ... at least, not yet. Kai issues the call and answers it boldly, If I Must I Will.  
Kai Fortyfive will be performing live at 117 Grattan Street in Brooklyn, September 11 (tickets available here). Also, a super limited quantity of SLUGSMOKE cassettes is now available exclusively at the Record Stop in Patchogue. Get yours before they're gone for good.

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