Lil Taggs - "Froze" (ft. Taggs, Young Tio & 3rd Rail Phantom)

Part of the genius of Martin Scorsese's films is that their success depends largely on their going over the heads of their target audience. Success as subversion. Target in the literal sense. Over the heads as in an uppercut's follow-through. Love the dream unawares the sleeping part. "I'm not concerned with generational wealth, that's it's own curse," wrote my longtime acquaintance, Mr. woods. "Anything you want on this cursed earth, probably better off getting it yourself. See what's the worth." I haven't read it yet, but there's probably a quote in this New Yorker article my fiancé sent me, "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Quest to Become America's Favorite Superheroes," that applies as well. Applies? Yes, all of these comparisons make perfect articulable sense to me despite my inability to grasp the underlying mathematics, like free jazz, boxing and quantum physics. Lil Taggs is the son of Prime, the 3rd Rail Phantom and younger brother of Taggs. Here they are altogether in 2019, a rapping family. "El-beeeeeeeeeee."

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