De La Soul - Live at Chestnut Cabaret in Philadelphia 5/16/89

Covering De La Soul for the Philadelphia Daily News, Jonathan Takiff wrote:

"Just when you thought rap was stuck in a muddy rut, along comes a brand-new thing like De La Soul, appearing tonight at the Chestnut Cabaret.

"Spawned in the suburban, not-at-all-horrifying community of Amityville, on New York's Long Island, De La Soul brings a playful, neo-psychedelic style of sound collage, innocence and humor to rap.

"They're actually much closer in spirit to Prince than to hard-core political rappers like their "Strong Island" neighbors, Public Enemy."

Read the full article at Philly.com, stream a couple songs from De La's Chestnut Cabaret set below, and download the entire live performance here.

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