Serene Envy - The Earth Is Bald

Serene Envy spits 20-something malaise the way only a talented young Long Island woman can. Her third Soundcloud set, The Earth Is Bald combines coffee house quotables with boom bap beats and a voice that defies genrefication. In introducing the project, she wrote...

"I did not experience the era of boomboxes and dance offs. The 80s, the 90s, man oh man. Life imitated art and vice versa. Classics that shaped generations and generations to come.

"This is a mixtape. Do not expect a record label presentation. This is me, uncut. I'm just a fan of the art, juggling employment against life and losing the battle."

...to which I've got to say a few things: first, having lived through the '90s and half of the '80s, let me remind yall that those decades also brought us Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and the shiny suit era, so let's not get overly romantic about them; second, Serene's fandom, juggling act and battle are what make this project a success. We all lose life's big battle eventually, but this here is a win.

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