Hard 2 Obtain - Singles Collection (1993-94)

Coming from Lakeview, Long Island, a small CDP located southwest of Hempstead, Hard 2 Obtain consisted of three members: MCs Taste and DL and DJ Six Seven. The trio linked up with Dante Ross's Stimulated Dummies production crew for the making of their three singles and one album, Ism and Blues, but have since had something of a falling out with Ross. (See the comments from this 10-year-old post.)

All that bad blood aside, the singles and their b-sides evince some undeniable chemistry between H2O and Stimulated Dummies. And as a result of that chemistry, we have one classic LI anthem and numerous other bangers that also deliver that distinct local flavor. Stream "L.I. Groove," "Ghetto Diamond," and "L.I. Groove" b-side "Off The Top (Straight From the 12 Block)" below, then download all three of H2O's singles via the t.r.o.y. blog. You won't want to miss the other b-sides, believe me.


HeRBaN LyRiX said...

I`ve been meaning to listen to these guys for years, just never actually got around to doing so. Thanks for this post, I`m finally gon` get to listening to these kats now, much appreciated!!!


$bin♦ said...

Happy to be of service. Their catalog isn't too deep (just these singles and one LP), but after you've finished checking it out, if you still want to hear more, check out 12 Block - Movin' Island Style Thorough (https://heavyjewelz.bandcamp.com/album/12-block-movin-island-style-thorough-m-i-s-t-ep). That group includes MC Taste (of H2O), as well as A-Math and DJ Nastee who worked with H2O on a bunch of tracks.

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