Lil Pharo - "F4mous" / "Hendi" (New Apollos Remix)

"I've been walking around like I'm famous / Fuck around might give you a baby / I can't wait til we get out the basement / Tell my brothers we finally made it" might be some of the most Long Island shit I've ever heard in my life, no shade. That's Lil Pharo on "F4mous."On "Hendi," he's even more to the point, that being fast fucking ("slide in your pussy like jelly") and faster escapes ("text me tomorrow girl, I gotta catch my plane").

If there's a common denominator to Lil Pharo's one-offs, it's a penchant for melody. Pharo's flow is drawn to it like a moth on spilled Hennessey to a club pateo heater flame. Just add Jordans ... and trunk bass. Lil Pharo's poised to crack the algorithm like Howard Carter outside King Tut's tomb.


Anonymous said...

this motherfucker is long island's superstar

Candace said...

i love pharo

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