The Art of DOOM: Character Concepts, Cover Art, Sketch, Graffiti and Paint

Dumile's sambo character appeared on 
every KMD cover, either crossed out or hanged

The original version of the Black Bastards cover art,
which provoked the unwarranted ire of a Billboard 
columnist, leading Elektra to shelve the album.
The final version signed emef
DOOM drew this character in the sketch book of
Ego Trip journalist Noel Callahan-Bever in 1997 
DOOM's MetalFace tag, also from NCB's book
Per Operation: Doomsday front cover artist Blake
"Skotch 79" Lethem, DOOM traced this cartoon off the TV for an outline

DOOM's tag from the inside cover.
The DOOM-tagged van from the back cover
of Operation: Doomsday
A throw-up by Skotch 79 aka KEO and DOOM,
jacked from KEO's Instagram page
DOOM, clearly having not lost a step, did this mural in 2012 for adidas Originals
A painting DOOM did for Adult Swim's Jason DeMarco,
downloaded from his Twitter page

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