KILLKURT - "New York Fashion Week"

Having the fashion sense of a color-blind 37-year-old Long Islander so fortunate as to have come of age during an era when flannel shirts and Dickies jeans were cool, I've dressed essentially the same since 6th grade, so every 10 years, give or take, I look with the times. When it comes to fits, I run them back compulsively like this latest KILLKURT track. But try taking the remote away when I'm watching my fashion competition programs and see what happens. Come find out!

Fka Kurt Hazard? I'm f the fk. Long Island Rap Records rocked with Hazardous. This song's something else, though. Hi-fi, lo-res audio-virtual catwalk companion clutch gets you in one of seven or eight pockets. (I'm partial to the Dickies carpenter cuts these days.)

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