Aesop Rock - Music For Earthworms

Recorded in a Manhattan studio called Graebar, Music For Earthworms captures a young Aesop Rock during breaks from Boston University in what is perhaps his rawest musical state. The sessions were engineered by dub-l, who was interning at the studio at the time and also produced 3/4 of the album. It was pressed on CD-R sometime in 1997 and later sold via AesopRock.com until it officially went out of print on November 15, 1999. For an idea of what the site looked like back then, click here. Stream the video for track 1 "Abandon All Hope" below, download a supposedly remastered version of Music For Earthworms here, and for some more perspective, compare this Aesop Rock interview from around January 2001 with this one from May 2015.

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