Eternal Intellect - Da Greywolf Series

Released in 2013, Da Greywolf Series showcases Eternal Intellect over famous hip-hop breaks (like Bob James's "Nautilus") and instrumentals (like Kanye West's "Drive Slow"), but if you think that means you're going to hear the type of throw-away freestyles that have become typical of most modern mixtapes, then think again. Eternal Intellect brings it with every single track. In fact, the song he does over the "Drive Slow" beat, which he calls "Elevator Music," is so amazing it almost feels like it's going to waste over a Kanye beat. And that's not at all a diss to Kanye, but a testament to how good the song is. Stream and download this incredible project below, and check out EI's Soundcloud for more.


Anonymous said...

Peace. Thank You for the kind words. I do my best. If you would check out my new album Grey Skies, and tell the people know what you think, I will continue to appreciate you. Da GreyWolf Series and Da GreyWolf Series Too were my favorite projects. Honestly its like we had a Kilo cut it in half and sold it as two it was so dope. Thanks for listening. Don't forget check out "Grey Skies." Peace. Eternal Intellect.

$bin♦ said...

That's what's up. Thanks for commenting, EI. I will definitely check that out. Email longislandrapblog [at] gmail if you want to connect.

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