Public Enemy - "Man Plans God Laughs"

A few fun facts about the new PE song and video:
  • The title comes from a Yiddish proverb: "Der mentsh trakht un got lakht."
  • Much of the video was recorded at Roosevelt High School, which Chuck D attended 1972-1975, and W.T. Clarke High School, which he attended 1975-1978.
  • The song and the rest of the new album from which it's taken were produced by Gary G-Wiz Rinaldo.
  • The female vocalist featured here is Cassandra "Half Pint" Jackson, best known as one-third of Freeport's Son of Bazerk.
  • Lyrics for the song are on Public Enemy's official website.
  • Man Plans God Laughs is streaming via Spotify, downloadable via RCS Music, and will be available on CD and vinyl starting July 25.


son of bazerk said...

the students in the classroom are 1/2pint's students at Roosevelt High school

$bin♦ said...

Another fun fact thanks!

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